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Get Your BMW Ready For Winter Driving In Pontiac

BMW Car In Winter

With winter around the corner, there are a few things that you should be doing to your BMW to ensure it can handle the cold weather driving. Whether the roads are covered with ice or the temperature is freezing, winter can be harsh on your car. However, with some preventive measures, you can be able to keep your BMW in good condition even during the winter season. Let’s talk about all the things you should do to your BMW to prepare it for winter driving.

How to Prepare Your BMW For Winter

Check Your Tires

Tires are the first line of defense of your BMW against slippery roads, so it is important to monitor their condition during the winter period. Ensure the tires have at least 3/32 of an inch of tread as this will allow for better grip on ice and snow. If you live in a snowy climate it is advisable to replace your summer tires with winter tires as they are made to suit the cold weather.

Test Your Battery

It is important to check your car battery before the winter comes because cold weather can affect the battery. Have the battery checked to determine if it has enough power to crank the car in cold conditions. If the battery is a few years old or more, it is advisable to change it before the cold season comes to avoid being stranded on a cold morning.

Check Your Brakes

Brakes are very important for winter driving and it is necessary to check them before the first snowfall. It is advisable to have your brakes checked by a professional mechanic to see if they are working well and have enough pad life to allow the car to stop on slippery roads. If you hear any squeaking or grinding sounds when you apply the brakes, have it checked immediately.

Inspect Your Heating System

Nobody likes driving in a cold car and that is why it is important to make sure that the heating system is in good working condition before winter sets in. Check that your car’s heater and defroster are working properly, blowing hot air, and clearing the windows. If you find that your heating system has poor airflow or unusual odors, you should have a mechanic check the system.

Check Your Fluids

The fluids in your car are very important especially when it is cold. Check the coolant level and make sure that the coolant is a correct mixture of antifreeze and water. Make sure your oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer reservoirs are full. Winter-grade windshield washer fluid can also be used to prevent it from freezing on your windshield.

Test Your Lights

During the winter seasons, the days are shorter and the nights are longer so there’s a need to ensure that your car lights are in good working condition. Check all of your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals to make sure they work. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and consider installing brighter and more visible lights for better visibility in snowy or foggy conditions.

Professional Inspection

The number of components that need to be inspected during a winter maintenance check is long. As a BMW, you might not be able to do this comprehensive check yourself. Take your BMW to a trusted mechanic to run these inspections and replace the needed parts so you can drive worry-free during the cold seasons.

Talk To Our BMW Professionals If You Want To Get Your BMW Winter Ready

Nikolas Motorsport is the most sought-after repair shop in the whole of BMW Battery Test Pontiac, MI, and nearby places. Our workshop has been servicing BMW, Mini, and Porsche vehicles in the Southeast Michigan Region since 1987. Are you planning to prepare your BMW for the winter trips? Our workshop is the place you need to be. We have a seasonal maintenance checklist for winter to help you ensure that every aspect of your BMW is carefully checked to guarantee that it will perform well in the winter season.

We also provide services to drivers outside Pontiac in places like Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Troy, MI, and more. From the most basic services to the most complex repairs, our company values its customers and employs highly skilled personnel for every task. Please call us at 248-682-7755 to book an appointment to make sure your car is prepared for these harsh winter conditions.

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