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How Does a Blown Head Gasket Affect a Porsche’s Performance in Pontiac

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Porsche Engine OverheatPorsche cars are one of the best sports cars ever designed and manufactured. They have excellent quality and performance and are coveted by car enthusiasts world-wide. However, to get the best of this sports car, it is important you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance will reduce the chances of the vehicle components giving away, such as the head gasket.

Head Gasket 101: The Basics

The head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinder head. Its function is to act as a seal in the internal combustion process which allows the oil and coolant to move through the engine to lubricate and cool the engine. It also seals off the combustion chamber in the engine block providing enough power to the engine in order to move and also preventing the waste gas from entering the combustion chamber.

The head gasket is made of steel material combined with elastomer which makes it durable and allows it to last a long time. However, the head gasket will fail when there is an expansion in the cylinder head and engine block when the engine is being warmed up. If the gasket is not able to seal the gap formed between the two, oil and coolant can mix and enter the cylinders.

Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket in your Porsche

When the head gasket of your Porsche fails, you may notice the following signs in your Porsche.

  • Overheating: Although an overheating engine could mean many things, such as a coolant leak, clogged radiator, or faulty fan, it is also a sign that the head gasket of your Porsche has blown. This comes about when hot exhaust gas enters the cooling system and is burnt off.
  • Loss of power: A blown head gasket allows the air/fuel mixture that was compressed to escape, causing the cylinder compression to be reduced. That leads to the engine losing power and running poorly.
  • Oil Contamination: This symptom is very visible. You will notice a milky liquid on the dipstick. This comes as a result of coolant mixing with the engine oil.
  • White Smoke: Another clear sign is white smoke coming out of the exhaust. The smoke is a result of the coolant leaking into the cylinders. In the cylinders, it is turned to steam. Sometimes, the oil can leak into the cylinder, and this would result in blue smoke.
  • External leaks: When the head gasket blows between the outside of the engine and the water or oil passage, you will notice that the oil or coolant is leaking. Although this might not be a serious problem at first, it could morph into something damaging when the levels of the oil and coolant fall below normal.

Preventing Head Gasket Failures

Prevention is always safer and cheaper than trying to fix a problem. It is important to know what could cause the head gasket of your Porsche to fail and the measures to take in order to prevent it from happening.

  • Overheating is one of the most common causes of head gasket failure in Porsches. To prevent this, the cooling system in your Porsche should always be working properly. Whenever you notice that your car is overheating, stop driving and let it cool off. Proper and regular maintenance will help detect and fix any problem with the cooling system of your car before it results in something serious like a blown head gasket.
  • Another reason could be a result of the material in making the gasket or a poor design. The best way to prevent the effects of a blown head gasket, in this case, is also constant maintenance which would help you detect signs of failure before it fails.

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