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Mini Low Coolant Warning
Mini Low Coolant WarningIf you drive a Mini, then you may be familiar with radiator expansion tank failure. This issue can be very problematic, as it can lead to serious overheating issues in your vehicle. What is a Radiator Expansion Tank? Before we can discuss the expansion tank failure, we need to understand what the expansion tank is and what it does. The radiator expansion tank is a small tank that is connected to your Mini's radiator. The purpose of the expansion tank is to provide a place for coolant to expand and overflow into as it heats up. As your engine heats up, the coolant in the radiator begins to expand. Without a place for this expansion to go, the pressure inside the radiator would increase, which could lead to a blown radiator or other engine issues. The expansion tank provides a safe place for the coolant to expand, which helps to prevent any damage to your engi [...]
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