A Word About Alignments

A Word (or two) About Alignments

Most of today’s new cars are designed to require 4-wheel alignments. Simply stated, there are adjustments which need to be verified and/or corrected to both the front and rear suspensions. BMW, PORSCHE and MINI automobiles are no exception. Actually the BMW and MINI vehicles also require the car to be weighted (front seats, rear seats, and trunk) to attain proper alignments. If you are discussing an alignment on a BMW or MINI with any repair shop, always ask if they have the proper weights available to load in the car before doing the alignment. If not, this is not the place to have your alignment work done. Nikolas Motorsport has a state of the art alignment system capable of completing alignments on most any vehicle. And, of course we have the required weights to load the car prior to completing the alignment. Even more importantly, we have technicians who understand suspension geometry and are able to interpret alignment specifications and deviations to properly understand what is going on with your car.


If your special car requires a special alignment, Nikolas Motorsport is the place. With many years of racing experience, David Nikolas is in a position to make suggestions to improve the handling of your track or specialty car. If you have custom specifications, we will match them. If you have a handling issue, we can make suggestions to improve the situation. For those who want to go to the next step, we have scales to properly corner weight your car. All of this is routine at Nikolas Motorsport, just ask and we can provide assistance for your special alignment situation.



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