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Protect Your European Vehicle with High-Quality Oil Change Services in Pontiac

With a simple oil change service, you can prevent engine damage to your vehicle. Your engine and its hundreds of moving parts need oil for lubrication, which also keeps your engine bay at a cooler temperature.

Friction is a major enemy of engines, and when metal parts start to rub together without proper lubrication, they can generate extreme heat. High temperatures inside the engine bay creates a recipe for disaster. Valves and gaskets can break down and cause sensors to malfunction. In the worst-case scenario, engines can overheat to the degree that it can warp metal.

Oil Change Services for the Most Popular Brands

To properly care for your luxury sports car engine, routine maintenance is a must. The manufacturer has laid out a meticulous maintenance plan in your owner’s manual, which includes periodic oil changes to prolong the life of your engine. You may also choose to change the oil filter at this time to ensure dirt and road debris don’t enter the oil and cause other problems later down the line.

We perform routine oil change service for the following brands:

Quality You Can Trust

When choosing an auto service center, we believe mechanics should have expertise in the models they repair. At Nikolas Motorsport, we specialize in three brands to ensure you’re getting the most focused, dedicated service for your car’s specific needs.

  • Our mechanics are Master certified technicians.
  • We are BMW dealer-trained technicians.
  • We use specialty tools particular to your BMW, Porsche, and Mini model.
  • We have machine shop expertise for your convenience.
  • We provide Noelle Performance tuning.
  • We are a Dinan Performance dealer.
  • Our shop is equipped with BMW and Porsche electronic diagnostic capabilities.
BMW, MINI, & Porsche Oil Change Service

Visit Us for Expert Auto Service

Nikolas Motorsport will ensure that your BMW, Porsche, or MINI performs at its peak condition for your safety and enjoyment. Proper maintenance is the key to longevity.

We also provide excellent service to the surrounding communities:

Call us today at (248) 682-7755 or visit us at our shop at 45108 Woodward Ave, Pontiac, MI.

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