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Expert BMW, MINI, & Porsche Clutch Repairs for Pontiac Area Drivers

When the clutch burns out in your car, it can cause difficulty with shifting gears. You need your vehicle to accelerate smoothly on demand, keeping you safe and allowing you to drive, tow, and maneuver efficiently in the Oakland County area.

You may notice a burning smell if your clutch is going bad, or you may hear grinding noises every time you try to shift into a higher gear, into park, or reverse. Leaving this problem to fester can cause your car serious consequences in the long run. Many vehicles will not allow you to shut off the engine unless it is safely in the park gear. Sometimes, your car will not shift into reverse. You may find that the gears slip entirely from one to the next, causing your engine’s RPMs to vary drastically. This can be dangerous to you and others on the roadways, not to mention, it can cause unnecessary strain on your engine.

When your clutch begins to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to visit us at Nikolas Motorsport for a diagnostic test and inspection. Located in Pontiac, we specialize in servicing all models of:

Certified for Your Make and Model

At Nikolas Motorsport, our technicians will take a look at your clutch and transmission system to give you a thorough report on our findings. You can then make an informed decision on how to proceed. We will replace any parts that have worn out to restore your car to a like-new condition.

We utilize state-of-the art equipment and have a team ready to serve you:

  • All our mechanics are Master certified technicians.
  • We are BMW dealer-trained technicians.
  • We use specialty tools particular to your BMW, Porsche, and Mini model.
  • We have machine shop expertise for your convenience.
BMW, MINI, & Porsche Clutch Repair

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Located in Pontiac, Nikolas Motorsport is also proud to provide excellent service to our nearby communities and cities including:

Give us a call today at (248) 682-7755 or come visit us as our shop. We look forward to earning your repeat business and trust for years to come!

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