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BMW PCV Valve Failure: Solutions By The Experts In Pontiac

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Ever had a small part of your car break and suddenly everything else starts to go wrong? Well, that is what happens with a BMW when the PCV valve fails. The PCV is a little piece in the engine that most people don’t know about, but it plays a huge role in keeping your car running smoothly. Let’s look at what a PCV valve does, the factors that make it not function, and how you can go about fixing it.

How Does BMW PCV Valve Works

Your BMW’s engine is like a big air pump that sucks in air, mixes it with fuel to make power, and then pushes out the stuff it doesn’t need, like exhaust gasses. Now, while this is happening, there’s also a bit of this mixture that doesn’t get burned up. This leftover mix creates pressure inside the engine. That’s where the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve comes into play.

The PCV valve is a small doorkeeper whose job is to take those unburned gasses and extra pressure from inside the engine and send them back to the engine to be burned off properly. This helps the engine run efficiently and keeps it from having oil and sludge. What is it made of? Well, most PCV valves are pretty simple pieces made from metal or sometimes a durable type of plastic. Inside, there’s usually a spring that helps it open and close at the right times.

How does it work? When your engine is running, the valve opens up due to the pressure and allows those unwanted gasses to escape back into the intake system of the engine, where they’re burned away safely. When there’s no need for it to open (like when your engine is off), it stays closed to keep everything sealed up tight. This little cycle goes on as long as your engine is running, keeping things clean and reducing pollution.

Reasons Why The PCV Valve Fails

  • Clogging: Think about when you’re using a straw to have a drink and something gets stuck in it. The PCV valve works in a similar way; it’s a pathway for gasses to escape from your engine. But over time, it can get clogged up with things like carbon, dirt, or oily sludge. When this happens, air can’t flow through it properly, which can make your car run rough.
  • Wear and Tear: Just like how a well-used door hinge might start to wear out and squeak, the PCV valve can wear down too. It moves back and forth a lot and has to deal with the engine shaking and vibrating all the time. After a while, this constant movement and shaking can make the valve start to leak or not work perfectly.
  • Environmental Factors: The PCV valve faces extreme heat or cold, moisture, and even gets splashed with oil or other fluids from the engine. All this can make the valve wear out faster, especially if it’s made of materials that don’t handle these conditions well.
  • Lack of Maintenance: If you don’t keep up with basic engine care like changing oil filters, sludge and debris can build up. These things can mess with your PCV valve, making it harder for it to do its job and leading to more problems.

Solutions For PCV Valve Failure

  • Check It Out: As soon as you suspect something is wrong, you need to check it out. A mechanic can take a look and tell if the PCV valve is really the troublemaker.
  • Clean or Replace: Sometimes, if the valve’s just dirty, giving it a good clean can fix the problem and get it working again. But if it’s highly damaged, you’ll need a new one. Ensure you go for quality during replacement.
  • Regular Check-Ups: After you’ve fixed it, ensure you schedule a regular check-up with a professional mechanic. This helps make sure any slightest faults are detected early.

Come To Nikolas Motorsport For Lasting BMW Solutions

At Nikolas Motorsport, we’re very proud to be the go-to garage for BMW BMW PCV Valve Check drivers in Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Troy, Pontiac, MI, and even farther out. Our work environment has all the latest gadgets, so our skilled technicians can give your car the first-class treatment it deserves.

We know how much you care about keeping your BMW running great and making it last. That’s why we have all the services to fix any problem your car might run into. From sorting out PCV valve issues to regular check-ups, you can count on us to nail it from the start. Visit our garage now or call our service line for help.

* BMW Car image credit goes to: vesilvio.

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