Fix Your BMW’s Adaptive Headlight Under An Expert’s Supervision In Pontiac

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BMW 5 Series E61 Adaptive Headlight

With a stylish design, high performance, and reputable brand name, it is without question why you might choose to own a BMW. It is sure to provide you and any passengers with a quality, comfortable drive. That smooth drive can be compromised if you do not have your vehicle properly serviced and maintenanced. All of your vehicle’s components need to be properly cared for, especially the adaptive headlights, which if neglected could put you and others on the road at risk.

Adaptive Headlights in a BMW

Adaptive headlights differ from standard headlights used in older vehicle models. Adaptive headlights are more innovative because they are designed to respond to movement and changes in your surroundings.

Adaptive headlights are capable of automatically turning on when entering low-light conditions, such as nighttime, rain, or fog. Additionally, they use sensors that allow them to automatically switch between the high and low beams when there is oncoming traffic, illuminating the road as best as possible without blinding other drivers on the road.

The headlight also features a reactive light projector that can turn left or right to improve your safety while driving by further narrowing any blind spots you may have in low-light conditions. When your vehicle makes any kind of turn, the light projector will automatically respond and turn so the light is projected on the part of the road your vehicle is turning towards rather than the road directly ahead of the vehicle.

Signs Your Adaptive Headlights Need to be Fixed

Headlights are critical for safe driving, so it is important that you have your vehicle’s headlights serviced as soon as possible if you notice that they are showing any signs of malfunctioning. Be on the lookout for any of the following signs that your BMW’s adaptive headlights might be failing:

  • light only turns right
  • light only turns left
  • warning light illuminates and control malfunction message appears on dashboard
  • a green light flashes by the headlight switch
  • low-beam is stuck in an off-center position

Causes for Adaptive Headlights to Fail

Water or condensation within the headlight is the most common cause for adaptive headlight failure, because the moisture can damage the adaptive headlight module. If there is no water or condensation inside the headlight, then the adaptive headlights could be failing because of a damaged or worn out part. The following are possible causes behind your adaptive headlights malfunctioning and failing:

  • Broken or Cracked Headlight: This can allow water to get inside of your vehicle’s headlight, which will damage the adaptive headlight module.
  • Damaged or Incorrectly Closed Headlight Access Door: There is a seal on the headlight access door that prevents water or moisture from getting into the headlight. If the seal is damaged or the access door is not closed properly, water can get into the headlight and damage the adaptive headlight module.
  • Malfunctioning Adaptive Stepper Motor: Also located in the headlight, the adaptive stepper motor turns the light projector left or right. If the motor is damaged or the link between the motor and the projector becomes disconnected, then it will no longer be able to turn the projector.
  • Failed Adaptive Headlight Module/Stepper Motor Controller: When you drive your vehicle through heavy rains, flooding, or a car wash, water may get into the headlight. The water will travel straight down to the bottom of the headlight, where the adaptive headlight module, or stepper motor controller, is located. The water will then shorten the module and damage it.

Nikolas Motorsport

Nikolas Motorsport is dedicated to providing those in our community with BMW Adaptive Headlight Repairexpert automotive service to keep our customers safe and their vehicles in top condition. We value our customers, and strive to make their automotive service experience easy and stress-free.

Our shop is located in Pontiac, MI, and serves vehicle owners in Pontiac, as well as Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Troy, MI.

If your BMW’s adaptive headlights are showing signs of malfunctioning, schedule an appointment at Nikolas Motorsport. Our automotive technicians have experience working on BMW models and will be able to fix your vehicle’s adaptive headlights, so they can continue to keep you and other drivers safe.

* BMW 5 Series E61 Adaptive Headlight image credit goes to: Cpt212.

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