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How to Maintain Your BMW Engine for Higher Performance in Pontiac

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BMW M2 Engine

At the mention of the name BMW, what comes to car enthusiast’s minds is stellar engineering, impeccable design, and unrivaled performance. However, the exceptional performance a BMW offers is of no use if the engine is not functional. The engine holds all the power necessary to help your car function, but without it, your car cannot perform.

The maintenance of your engine cannot be overemphasized. Maintaining your BMW’s engine will keep your vehicle performing at its best. Sadly, some drivers ignore maintenance because it can be inconvenient and sometimes costly. The thought may be: Why take a car for maintenance when everything still works fine? Aside from spending more when your poorly-maintained vehicle breaks down, skipping maintenance can also reduce its lifespan.

Regular Maintenance

Taking your car for regular maintenance helps detect developing issues before they become fully problematic. The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and the oil is its blood. Keeping the oil fresh is crucial to the smooth and efficient running of the engine. Regular oil changes will save you costly repairs in the future. You also want to ensure that the oil change is done before the mile limit and not after. You can look to your user manual for the recommended change.

While having a routine oil change, you should also have your transmission, hoses, belts, spark plugs, and coolant system checked. Many times, inspection will reveal everything in proper working order, so don’t put off what’s necessary to maintain the integrity of your BMW.

Avoid Revving Your Engine While Idle

Undeniably, your BMW is packing a lot of horsepower under the hood, and you would be tempted to hear it roar. However, resist exploiting this temptation often, because revving the engine when the car is parked causes abrupt temperature change and creates stress between the engine’s tight-fitting components. Your connecting rod can get damaged in the process, which can result in severe engine damage. Also, revving the engine while the car is stationary or idle will cause more wear than necessary.

Don’t Settle for Less

Owning a BMW is an investment, and you want to ensure that whatever is going into your vehicle is of premium quality. Search for gas stations that sell high-grade unleaded fuel. You should also ensure that the oil used during an oil change is the same as what is recommended by your manufacturer.

Warm Up Your Engine

Cultivate the habit of always warming your engine for a minute or two before driving out in the morning. Leaving the engine to warm allows the oils and lubricants to get up to temperature steadily. The gradual warm-up also allows the engine parts to expand slowly and prepare the engine for the day.

Rapid temperature change may cause undue wear of the engine. When in a rush, keep it under 3000-3500 rpm until the car is nicely warmed up. Revving the engine won’t speed up the process and could cause damage to your engine. Cold revving causes abrupt temperature changes that can damage your engine’s components.

Look Out for Leaks

Whenever you pull out from a parking spot, always look out for fluid leaks on the ground where you were parked. If you notice a fuel or oil leak, visit our mechanics to have your BMW inspected as soon as possible. You should also look out for leaks whenever you pop the hood open.

Never Ignore Warning Signs

When your car notices something is wrong, it notifies you by illuminating the applicable warning signal on your dashboard. Whenever there is a notification from the dashboard that something’s wrong, you should treat it with urgency. Ignoring an indication can result in costly damage if left to linger, especially an engine warning sign.

Nikolas Motorsport for Quality service and Repairs

Over the decades, cars have changed drastically with regards to components and BMW Engine Oil Changetechnological advancements. What has remained intact is the high-quality standard that BMW sets in its vehicle designs. The brand is known for designing reliable vehicles. However, to keep your BMW reliability intact, you need to turn to those who can get the job done correctly every time.

At Nikolas Motorsport, our master-certified technicians have helped BMW drivers throughout the Pontiac area take better care of their cars, emphasizing quality & customer service. Our shop has the tools and resources to increase the longevity of your BMW and assess potential problems before they become devastating. We are located in Pontiac and also welcome drivers from Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, and Royal Oak Troy. Give us a call today!

* BMW M2 Engine image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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