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How To Maintain Your BMW Tires

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BMWs are known for their exceptional performance. However, without periodic tire maintenance, they will not work to their full potential. When your BMW’s tires are not properly maintained, they might lead to early tire damage and more costly repairs in the future.

The tires on your BMW have an impact on both the fuel efficiency and the safety of your vehicle. A damaged or deteriorating BMW tire can cause major accidents that endanger you, your passengers, and other drivers. Here are five tire maintenance guidelines to help you take care of your BMW tires.

How To Maintain Your BMW TiresEnsure Proper Tire Inflation

Making an effort to keep your car’s tires properly inflated is critical. Underinflated BMW tires are more likely to cause accidents because they reduce your car’s ability to stop efficiently and put your safety at risk. When your tires are not well inflated, they can blow out and make you lose control.

Aside from being unsafe, an underinflated tire reduces your vehicle’s gas mileage since it does not roll as readily, and higher rolling resistance requires more energy to make the tire roll, resulting in low fuel efficiency or more fuel consumption.

You should check the tire pressure on your car once every week or at least once every month. Tire air pressure is measured with a tire gauge, which may be obtained at your local auto stores or online. Check your tire air pressure while the tires are cold or when you have not driven it in for hours so that you can get the most accurate measurement.

As a BMW owner, it is highly recommended that you have your tire air pressure adjusted at 32 PSI. This value, however, may be found by inspecting the label on the inner edge of the driver’s door or consulting the owner’s handbook. If you have an underinflated tire, drive your car to a gas station with a tire air pump and fill them as needed. If your BMW tires lose air on a regular basis, you should take them to a reliable mechanic immediately.

Rotate Your Tires

Your car’s tires are in different positions in your vehicle, and they encounter different barriers on the road; as a result, your tires are bound to wear out at different paces.

The outside edges of the front tires usually wear out faster; on the other hand, the rear tires wear out more evenly. It is critical to rotate the tires of your BMW on a regular basis to ensure that all the four tires wear evenly.

We advise that you follow the commonly recommended tire rotation period which is every 6 months or 3000-6000 miles, whichever comes first. Regular tire rotation may save you money by extending the life of your tires by thousands of miles.

Maintain Tire Balance

Tires can become unbalanced if the weight distribution on the tire is not balanced, and this can typically cause tread degradation. A shaking steering wheel is an indication of tire imbalance. Tires may be balanced at automotive service locations, and it is generally inexpensive.

Having a balanced tire will make the treads wear out evenly, resulting in a smoother ride for drivers and a longer tire life.

Check Tire Tread and Replace Tire if needed

Tire treads are critical to your vehicle’s stopping ability, especially in rainy or wet conditions. Because of this critical role that tires play in your car to stop, you should examine your tire treads on a regular basis and replace them as needed.

Get Your Alignment Checked Twice A Year

Alignment has a role to play in tire tread wear; as a result, you should get your vehicle’s alignment evaluated by a professional auto service provider twice a year. A misaligned vehicle can cause quick and uneven wear, as well as other vehicle problems.

Misalignment symptoms include the car tugging or drifting to the right or left, as well as the steering wheel shaking. A repair center’s automotive professionals may modify your vehicle’s alignment to manufacturer requirements, allowing the tires to sit parallel to themselves and perpendicular to the ground.

BMW Tire Maintenance At Nikolas Motorsports

Bring your BMW to Nikolas Motorsport for repair and maintenance. BMW Tire Check We are conveniently located a short drive from Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Troy, and Pontiac, MI. If your tires require periodic maintenance or if you are having any problems, let our professionals handle it. We have skilled technicians that will provide your tires with the care and attention they require so that your vehicle may travel safely and effectively.

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