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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections


If you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned BMW, Porsche, or MINI, we strongly recommend a pre-purchase inspection. Nothing takes the shine off your new purchase than finding out the “good deal” you got needs $2000 of work to be roadworthy. At Nikolas Motorsport our base pre-purchase inspection includes a multi-point physical check, a complete diagnostic readout, a road test, and estimates for any items we see that need attention. We will provide an overall opinion of the car, and  help you to understand what you might be getting into if you make the purchase. To facilitate schedules of buyers and sellers, we will make all necessary accommodations to get the inspection done quickly. If at all possible, we encourage you, the buyer to be present during the inspection. Once the technician has looked over the car and completed his inspection, we will be happy to show you anything that requires attention.


If your purchase finds you looking at an out of the area vehicle, please still consider a pre-purchase inspection for all the same reasons stated above. If the car is a BMW or MINI, by all means check BIMRS.ORG for a member shop in the area. If you are looking at a Porsche, many BIMRS members also work on Porsches, or can refer you to a shop in their area that does so.

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