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Nikolas Motorsport has a long history with Dinan products. In the early days we sold and ordered “chips” to improve power in BMW engines. Today we download software for engine and transmission management, and even electronically controlled suspensions. When Steve Dinan was developing turbo systems for the E24 six series cars and sending them to Detroit for magazine reviews, he used Nikolas Motorsport for service to insure the cars were freshened up for each magazine review.
Today the products and the cars are completely different, but the goal is still the same. Dinan strives to engineer the best handling, best performing cars on the market, without sacrificing ride quality or reliability. Dinan’s industry leading warranty program, quality products, and solid engineering have helped make Dinan the premiere BMW tuner among BMW driving enthusiasts. Dinan offers a full complement of tuning software, suspension components, driveline components, and accessories for your BMW.
Regardless of what model BMW you are driving, if you are looking for ideas to improve performance, should be the first place you look. Nikolas Motorsport can assist with recommendations and pricing, as well as sales and installation of all Dinan products. Nikolas Motorsport is proud to be the only independent Authorized Dinan Dealer in Southeast Michigan. Give us a call to discuss your BMW.

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