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Automotive service and repair is often considered a dirty business. And, yes it can be. However, there are many opportunities for businesses to do our part for the environment and to minimize our impact on mother earth. This is especially true at Nikolas Motorsport. We are proud to offer the following:



Nikolas Motorsport is partnered with a premier automotive fluids recycler. All oils, coolant, and other fluids are stored for pick up and recycling. Additionally, all used filters are stored in a special container for pick up and recycling. This insures that every ounce of the various oils/fluids used in your car are properly recycled.


Energy Conservation

When Nikolas Motorsport moved to our current location in 2004, our shop area was completely renovated. This included installation of the most energy efficient light fixtures available. Saving energy allows local utilities to minimize required energy production. Just recently, due to technological advances, it was time to again revisit lighting decisions. In conjunction with a program sponsored be DTE Energy, our energy use was studied. The result was an upgrade to every light fixture in the building which provided better light and approximately 30% less energy use. We also upgraded our building sign to LED technology.


Preventative Maintenance

The partnership between you, the customer, and Nikolas Motorsport is the key to saving energy and preventing pollution. A properly running car uses less fuel and produces less emissions pollution. Additionally, caring for those troublesome oil leaks prevents your car from dripping oil on roads, driveways and parking lots. Storm runoff from these areas results in pollution being washed into our lakes and streams.


Daily Operations

Of course, Nikolas Motorsport has the “normal” (and required by law) tools such as air conditioning refrigerant machines, environmentally friendly cleaning solvents, and cleaner tanks designed to prevent solvent evaporation. We have even gone to a great water-based hand soap for the technicians which uses all natural walnut shells.


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