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Signs of Transmission Issues in Your Car from Certified Experts in Pontiac

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Car Transmission IssueNo vehicle has a perfect shelf life. All cars, no matter how expensive, will have eventual mechanical issues. Repair and replacement will need to be on the calendar at some point, and not all mechanical issues are created equal. A simple fix might be all that is needed, but there is one car issue in which it truly pays to be attentive: transmission failure.

There are fewer mechanical issues that are more dreaded than transmission problems. It is perhaps one of the most expensive car replacements. Transmission problems are also impossible to ignore and can severely damage the engine. There are some clues that indicate a transmission problem in the form of sight, sound, and smell when it comes to deciphering if you have a transmission problem.

It is much better to pay attention to the early warning indicators now and help prevent full transmission failure. The sooner you bring the vehicle in, the sooner you can know if it is a simple case of changing transmission fluid or something a little more serious.

Issues with Driving the Car

If you notice that your ride is more difficult and there are noises during gear shifts, these could be signs that you have an issue with your car’s transmission.

  • Gear Slipping: If your car slips into a different gear, such as downshifts while accelerating, it can be a terrifying experience. If this happens to you, pull over into a safe parking lot or rest stop and have it towed into an auto repair shop to have this fixed.
  • Shaking and Grinding: If you drive an automatic transmission, there could be shaking or grinding when changing gears. This should be immediately assessed by a professional technician.
  • No Movement: In both automatic and manual transmissions, there might be no chance for forward or reverse movement. The engine might rev, but your car may not move at all if the transmission has broken down. This will need a tow truck into the shop for inspection and replacement.

Pay Attention to the Sounds

Transmission issues can cause grinding noises. Not only is this unbearable to listen to over a long period of time, this could be your car crying out for help. If bizarre sounds are coming from the engine while it is in neutral, this can be a sign of an issue with the transmission or a lack of transmission fluid.  It could also be something more serious. Additionally, if there are whining or clunking noises, treat these as an alarm. It is always better to be safe than sorry and have a trained expert take a look.

Burning Smells Should Spur Your Action

A burning smell can be a sign that the transmission is overheating. Treat this symptom of transmission trouble with urgency. The fluid is designed to stop it from getting too hot by lubricating the system. Head to the mechanic or auto repair shop if you smell a burning in the air around your car.

Visual Signs of Transmission Problems

The engine warning light turning may turn on during transmission problems. There are many reasons as to why it could illuminate, but it is a clear indication that something is wrong inside your car. Coupled with any of the above symptoms, and it may be an issue with your transmission. You may simply have a low level of transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid leaking under the car can be easy to identify. The fluid is red and smells sweet, unlike oil which is black or brown. (There can be exceptions to the fluid being red colored.) Check the transmission fluid regularly to ensure it is not low or dark in color.

Do Not Wait! Come to Nikolas Motorsport for Transmission Trouble

If your car shows signs of transmission failure, you will want to Car Transmission Repair have the experts in Pontiac, MI, handle transmission issues for your vehicle. Come by Nikolas Motorsport in Pontiac for all of your car needs, where customer service is our priority.

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