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Used MINI PurchaseAlthough buying a new car may seem like a better option than a used car, in theory, this isn't always the case. The cash you save when purchasing a used vehicle is among its most attractive features. For instance, buying a car from 2020 will only cost you a small portion of what one from the current year would. Additionally, you may frequently discover used cars that operate just as well with proper maintenance, and it can save you money. This boils down to something called "car depreciation." What is the depreciation of vehicles? When buying a new automobile, depreciation—the process of losing value—is unavoidable. Although depreciation is noticeable across many businesses, it's crucial to consider the increased costs involved with cars. As soon as a new car is driven off the dealership's lot, the depreciation starts right away. If you were to turn around and sell it in a few months, you wouldn't get anywhere close to the price you purchased [...]
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