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What To Do When Your Porsche’s Clutch Pedal Becomes Heavy?

Porsche Heavy Clutch PedalA normal Porsche clutch feels smooth and easy without any resistance. Some clutches are stiffer than others, depending on the type of clutch assist the vehicle has or the amount of torque that is transmitted in the system. However, when you observe that your clutch pedal is difficult and you are finding it hard when you step on it, something is wrong and there is a problem within the system.

Common Causes of a Heavy Clutch Pedal

Oftentimes, some of the things that come to your mind when you notice that your Porsche clutch feels too heavy are leaks and transmission fluids. Listed below are some of the common causes of your Porsche’s clutch feeling heavy when pressed down:

Small items stuck underneath the clutch

You may experience the feeling of a hard to depress clutch when there are small items underneath such as stones from a gravel driveway. If your clutch pedal is obstructed by any type of item, you won’t be able to press your clutch pedal down far enough to smoothly change gears.

Check for the Pedal Adjustment

In some cases, where the pedal is resting at the top and the clutch becomes partially or completely disengaged, check the adjustment of the clutch pedal. Anytime you are changing your clutch or the clutch master cylinder, ensure it is properly back to its normal position. You can bring your Porsche to us to ensure this is done properly and your clutch is engaging as designed by the manufacturer.

Poor/Worn-Out Linkage

Porsche’s clutch linkage consists of a series of various mechanical & hydraulic elements which ensure that the clutch is working effectively. There are various rods and arms are also a part of the linkage. When you step on your clutch, the linkage immediately provides the necessary strength needed to the pressure plate. If the linkage is worn-out, then you will need to apply more force on your clutch pedal to disengage it. Porsche did not design their cars to be this tricky to shift, so bring it into our shop for a quick evaluation so we can find the root cause of your clutch problem.

Worn-out or Bend Cross Shaft Can Cause a Heavy Clutch

The cross shaft is a lever that can be found inside the transmission. Its function is to transfer the pressure applied to the clutch when you press the pedal down to the clutch release bearing. This disengages the clutch.

If the cross shaft is malfunctioning, you may be finding it difficult when pressing down your clutch. It can also affect the performance of the transmission. It is advisable to bring your Porsche to our professional Porsche expert mechanics at Nikolas Motorsport to get your cross shaft fixed or replace it if damage occurs. This way, we will return your Porsche to the roads with a functioning clutch for your enjoyment.

Clutch Helper Spring

In 1977, Porsche decided to change the design of their clutch release lever to a helper spring. The function of the clutch spring help is to assist in the engagement and release of the clutch by giving the clutch pedal a smooth feel, thereby making it easier for Porsche drivers to depress the clutch pedal. As you are using the clutch, often the clutch helper spring can wear out or get damaged, leaving your Porsche with a clutch that feels like it’s about to collapse. Contact us at Nikolas Motorsport to assist with your clutch helper spring repair.

You know your car better than anyone. If you suspect something is wrong with the clutch pedal or any part of your Porsche, trust your instincts and bring it into Nikolas Motorsport for a diagnostic check.

Porsche Experts For Fixing Your Clutch Pedal

Nikolas Motorsport has been the community’s Porsche Experts since 1987! Porsche Clutch Repair We are eager to help you by diagnosing the source of your car’s problem and repairing it quickly and affordably. We will repair your clutch pedal at a cost-effective rate to get your Porsche running smoothly on the road. We assist Porsche owners around Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Troy, and Pontiac, MI. Call Nikolas Motorsport today to make an appointment or if we can answer any question you may have about cars.

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