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Porsche Dashboard Oil LightYour Porsche is a top-of-the-line sports vehicle that requires routine upkeep and maintenance to operate at a high level. Given quality care, your Porsche can drive smoothly for years to come. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s engine oil is often overlooked, but crucial to the performance of your car. Although easy to ignore, an engine oil leak should be repaired sooner rather than later to avoid major damage to your engine and costly repairs. Engine oil is a critical component in the smooth operation of your Porsche, and ignoring an oil leak can lead to bigger problems down the road. Engine oil lubes up the moving parts within the engine so everything glides and moves together with ease. If oil is leaking out of your car, these parts will start to rub together without any lubricant, causing friction and wearing the engine parts down. O [...]
Porsche Oxygen SensorPorsche’s are powerful but intricate vehicles with a reputation of power, luxury, and style. One of its many components is the oxygen sensor. A Porsche’s oxygen sensor keeps track of your vehicle’s air to gasoline ratio and uses a computer to modify it, if necessary. Several factors can affect the amount of oxygen in your Porsche’s engine, which can make it run rich or lean. Your Porsche’s oxygen sensor has everything to do with this dynamic. Let’s take a look at what you can do if your Porsche’s oxygen sensor is bad and how you can tell. Your Check Engine Light Comes On When your Porsche’s check engine light comes on, it almost always means trouble. Porsche’s are advanced vehicles that can self-correct to some extent, so when a problem is deemed too much for your Porsche to fix the check engine light will illuminate. This can be initia [...]
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