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Why the Air-Oil Separator Fails in a Porsche in Michigan

Porsche Illuminated Check Engine LightThe air-oil separator in your Porsche is an integral part of the vehicle. Its function is also quite complex. In a high-end luxury car like Porsche, one of the problems a driver might experience is an air-oil separator failure. This component splits the air from the oil that goes into the intake manifold of your engine.

A vehicle like your Porsche is equipped with one of the finest engines available. Its quality and engineering is second to none, and it is usually dependable for many years. However, as with all machinery, your Porsche can develop some mechanical issues with time. This is where problems with the air-oil separator come in.

You may have never heard of an air-oil separator before, but not to worry. We’ll be giving you a concise breakdown of all the things you need to know about your Porsche’s air-oil separator and the necessary steps required in the case that your air-oil separator fails.

Why is the air-oil separator so important?

The air-oil separator might be small, but this does not take away its criticality for the optimal running of your Porsche’s engines. Oil in the car engine must be channeled to the appropriate parts. If the oil gets into places it shouldn’t be, it can cause major damage for the various components of the engine.

Also, the air-oil separator serves as a filter for air that gets into the engine. If air and oil combine inside the engine, it could lead to contamination of the exhaust components, which would cause quick deterioration of your vehicle. A common reason for the combination of air and oil includes leakage, breakage, and possible wear and tear. This is why it is very important that you keep your eyes open for possible signs that your air-oil separator might be damaged. Below are some of the common signs of damage to the air-oil separator in your Porsche.

How do you know when your air-oil separator fails?

  • The check engine light is on: The first and most obvious sign of damage to the air-oil separator is the check engine light. Upon damage, the check engine light on your dashboard will warn you there is a problem that needs servicing. You mustn’t ignore these signs so you can prevent further damage to your engine.
  • Oil leaks beneath your car: If your car is parked for a while, and you return to oil leaks underneath, then it is time for you to have the air-oil separator checked by a professional. Oil leaks are a major telling sign of damage to the air-oil separator.
  • The oil pressure light is on: Another very obvious sign you would notice in your Porsche is the oil pressure light on your dashboard. Once this light comes on, you should visit the nearest mechanic for an inspection and proper diagnosis of the failure so it can be repaired properly.
  • Thick smoke: Thick smoke coming out of your exhaust is usually a sign of extensive contamination of air and oil in your engine system.

Bring Your Porsche to Us for Expert Auto Maintenance

When any of these signs are observed in your Porsche, it is very important that you Porsche Air-Oil Separator Check bring your car to an expert, especially a facility with extensive experience and knowledge in repairing Porsches. Because these signs could be symptoms of another problem in the vehicle as well, it is important that a professional mechanic runs a diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact problem in your vehicle and proffer a solution.

Our professionals will repair the damage and have your Porsche feeling like it’s brand new. This is why it is important to ensure that you use an auto repairer that is specialized in the repair of luxury cars like the Porsche. If you drive anywhere around Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Troy, then you should visit Nikolas Motorsports.

We are the leaders in BMW, Mini, and Porsche services for our area. Our reputation for quality repairs and customer service has enabled us to become the go-to shop for all the drivers around Pontiac and its surrounding areas. Call us or visit us today for all your Porsche’s needs.

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