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As a destination with a large number of businesses, even if you don’t live in Troy, you may pass through on a regular basis for work or shopping. To avoid being late for work or delaying your shopping trip, you might want to consider bringing your vehicle into an automotive shop for an inspection or routine maintenance. Nikolas Motorsport serves customers from Troy and offers excellent automotive service from expert automotive technicians. Whether you are in need of an inspection, routine service, or your vehicle is experiencing automotive issues, Nikolas Motorsport can help keep your vehicle in working condition.If you own a luxury vehicle, then you know how important it is that you bring your vehicle to automotive shops with technicians experienced in servicing your vehicle’s brand. The automotive technicians at Nikolas Motorsport specialize in inspections and maintenance for all models of: BMW MINI Porsche Nikolas Motorsport has a new state-of-the art alignment rack, as well as BMW and Porsche electronic diagnostic capab [...]
There are a wide range of attractions in Royal Oak, including the Detroit Zoo and several theaters, shops, and restaurants. To avoid a vehicle problem from slowing down your fun, you should bring your vehicle to an auto shop you can trust for everything from inspection, regular maintenance, and any issues that your vehicle may be experiencing. Nikolas Motorsport can provide customers from Royal Oak with the automotive care by expert technicians in order to make sure you can get back to all of your fun plans in Royal Oak.Nikolas Motorsport offers a dealership alternative when you need automotive services for your luxury vehicle. Our expertly trained automotive technicians specialize in servicing the following luxury vehicle brands: BMW MINI Porsche At Nikolas Motorsport, we have a new state-of-the art alignment rack, as well as BMW and Porsche electronic diagnostic capabilities, and specialized tools that have been designed specifically for BMW, Porsche, and MINI models. Our tools, equipment, and highly trained technicians a [...]
Whether you live in Rochester Hills or you are just spending the day there while enjoying some outdoor recreation or perusing the many restaurants and shops, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your vehicle is operating properly. When you need to have your vehicle inspected or serviced, you want to make sure you are bringing your vehicle to an automotive shop that you can trust. Nikolas Motorsport is dedicated to serving clients from Rochester Hills and will ensure you and your vehicle are provided with excellent service.As the owner of a luxury vehicle, it is important to look for automotive shops that specialize in servicing your vehicle’s automotive brand. At Nikolas Motorsport we offer specialized automotive care by experienced technicians trained to inspect and maintenance the following luxury vehicle brands: BMW MINI Porsche Our shop is equipped with a new state-of-the art alignment rack, BMW and Porsche electronic diagnostic capabilities, and specialty tools designed particularly for BMW, Porsche [...]
If you are in Farmington Hills, you do not want your plans to be interrupted by an issue with your vehicle. Trying to find an automotive shop can be overwhelming because you want to ensure that your vehicle is receiving the best quality automotive care possible to keep you and your passengers safe. Nikolas Motorsport serves customers from throughout the Farmington Hills area and offers drivers high-quality automotive care with exceptional customer service.At Nikolas Motorsport, we understand the importance of having automotive technicians specialized in inspecting and servicing particular automotive brands, especially luxury vehicles with unique designs. Our experienced automotive technicians specialize in all models of: BMW MINI Porsche With a new state-of-the art alignment rack, BMW and Porsche electronic diagnostic capabilities, and specialty tools designed particularly for BMW, Porsche, and MINI models, Nikolas Motorsport is qualified and prepared to offer customers high quality automotive service, including speciality [...]
Residents of Bloomfield Hills enjoy a peaceful suburban feel from the area; the serenity of the city makes it an excellent place for retirees. Recreational parks are abundant in Bloomfield Hills, and the area is known for its many highly-rated public schools. Families in the Bloomfield Hills & West Bloomfield areas need reliable vehicles to get them from one place to the other, and that's where Nikolas Motorsport comes in. We have decades of experience maintaining your European makes and models. When you need someone with high-quality skills and a personalized approach to car care, Nikolas Motorsport is the only choice.It is common for many European brands to require specific tools and technology to maintain and repair them correctly. At Nikolas Motorsport, we invest heavily into our business to ensure that our equipment remains state-of-the-art and is precisely what we need to provide outstanding service to our customers. Our 11,000 square foot facility allows us to service our customers' vehicles and includes performance upgrades and machining services for jobs that require more than simple repairs. We service these all models of: BMW
In your car, the engine turns and generates horsepower. This energy must be transmitted to the driveshaft and into the wheels to propel your vehicle. This transfer of power then causes your tires to roll on the pavement. Your transmission is responsible for the movement of your car forward, in reverse, and during shifting gears to gain momentum and speed. Most car owners know that transmissions are designed for manual shifting or automatic shifting. No matter which type is installed in your vehicle, the transmission as a whole must be properly maintained and serviced throughout the life of your car. You may notice grinding noises, jerky gear changes, and even a hot smell after using your car. Your clutch is part of your transmission, as it helps you to shift gears seamlessly. This component can become worn and in need of maintenance. If you suspect your transmission is in need of servicing, stop by or call us today. At Nikolas Motorsport we specialize in transmission services for all models of: BMW MINI Porsche At Ni [...]
Many car owners give little thought to their tires. Your rubber-made tires perform some of the most important tasks of your car, including making contact with the road to provide traction and supporting the entire weight of your vehicle. The tires are attached to your car's wheels, which are part of your suspension system. Your tires should be part of your routine maintenance, which also includes oil changes, air filter changes, and brake pad replacement. Your tires play an important role, not only in providing traction to move your vehicle down the road, but they also absorb shock from potholes, road debris, and imperfections in the road. Visually inspecting your tires and having a mechanic check them for abnormal wear is part of responsible car care.An expert in your brand will ensure your tires are properly balanced and your wheels are aligned to prolong the life of your tires. There are different types of tires, depending on your style of driving. These include performance tires, all-season, and all-terrain. There are many others, so discuss your tire needs with an expert so you can have an overall understanding of what's best for your make, model, and driving habits. At Nikolas Motorsport in Pontiac, we specialize in [...]
The complex suspension system in your vehicle is the backbone of your car. You may be familiar with its major components like struts, springs, shock absorbers, and tires. Some models come with specific suspensions, utilizing airbags to provide excellent cushion against dips, bumps, and holes in the road. The Porsche brand can utilize the PASM, or Porsche Active Suspension Management, which is a constantly-monitored electronic damping control system. BMWs, on the other hand, can utilize a steel coil spring or airbags. The MINI can come equipped with a sports suspension option. Along with these types of suspension systems and dampeners, other major parts must function to give you and the frame of your car protection from road imperfections and debris in your path. Maintenance of your suspension is necessary for responsible car ownership. If your tires, struts, ball joints, or other components wear out or break, you can have trouble steering your vehicle and your ride will become decidedly uncomfortable. At Nikolas Motorsport in Pontiac, our technicians provide expert suspension services for all models of: BMW
With a simple oil change service, you can prevent engine damage to your vehicle. Your engine and its hundreds of moving parts need oil for lubrication, which also keeps your engine bay at a cooler temperature. Friction is a major enemy of engines, and when metal parts start to rub together without proper lubrication, they can generate extreme heat. High temperatures inside the engine bay creates a recipe for disaster. Valves and gaskets can break down and cause sensors to malfunction. In the worst-case scenario, engines can overheat to the degree that it can warp metal. To properly care for your luxury sports car engine, routine maintenance is a must. The manufacturer has laid out a meticulous maintenance plan in your owner's manual, which includes periodic oil changes to prolong the life of your engine. You may also choose to change the oil filter at this time to ensure dirt and road debris don't enter the oil and cause other problems later down the line. We perform routine oil change service for the following brands: BMW MINI
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