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Porsche Plastic Coolant PipeEvery vehicle's engine gets hot when in consistent use, and the heat can destroy your car's engine and other parts under the car's hood if it is not kept at the optimum temperature. Your Porsche's cooling system because it balances the temperature of your engine and keeps it regulated. Plastic coolant pipes are pathways through which the coolant passes in order to reduce the heat in Porsche's unique engine bay. These coolant pipes are responsible for the temperature regulation by removing the heated coolant and circulating it through the radiator. This reduces the temperature of the liquids before the entire process happens again. This process occurs repeatedly while your engine is on. There are various parts of a plastic coolant pipe, so let's take a look at this important component of your engine cooling system. Component of a Plastic Coolant Pipe Water pump: The water pump is what pushes the coolant thr [...]
Porsche Illuminated Check Engine LightThe air-oil separator in your Porsche is an integral part of the vehicle. Its function is also quite complex. In a high-end luxury car like Porsche, one of the problems a driver might experience is an air-oil separator failure. This component splits the air from the oil that goes into the intake manifold of your engine. A vehicle like your Porsche is equipped with one of the finest engines available. Its quality and engineering is second to none, and it is usually dependable for many years. However, as with all machinery, your Porsche can develop some mechanical issues with time. This is where problems with the air-oil separator come in. You may have never heard of an air-oil separator before, but not to worry. We’ll be giving you a concise breakdown of all the things you need to know about your Porsche’s air-oil [...]
BMW Exhaust Black SmokeBMWs may experience fuel pressure regulator failure for a number of reasons. The fuel pressure regulator is an extremely important component in BMWs to keep them on the road and out of the repair shop. Below, you will learn more about the typical causes of fuel pressure regulator failure in BMW and what to do should your vehicle experience failure of this intricate part. What is a fuel pressure regulator? The purpose of a fuel pressure regulator is just as it sounds, it regulates the pressure of the fuel as well as the amount of fuel being sent to fuel injectors on automobiles that are equipped with direct injection. The amount of fuel that an engine needs is dependent upon the driving habits of the driver. For a vehicle to start, ignition within the combustion chamber must be ignited by the most appropriate air to fuel ratio with the help of the fuel pressure regulator. When this part begins to fail, the fuel mixture become [...]
MINI Engine Misfire The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve is a vehicle component that emerged in the 1960s out of the need to tackle the problem of blow-by gasses generated by a vehicle's engine. Interestingly, the introduction of the PCV valve coincided with the period in which the production of Minis began. Hence, Minis were one of those vehicles with PVC valves as a component right from the start. The PCV valve is essential in your Mini. Without it, you will fail emissions tests because this valve removes otherwise toxic and harmful gases from the engine. Notwithstanding Mini’s reliable and sturdy design, they are still susceptible to wear and tear after a long period of use, including the PCV Valve. Hence, drivers must closely monitor their vehicle’s for any damage that might affect the PCV Valve. Why is Your Mini's PCV valve failing? Some of the major factors that may cause your PCV valve failure include: Constant Use Like other vehicle [...]
MINI Starting IssueOne of the most common faults in most cars is starting issues. Dealing with starting issues in your MINI is very stressful and frustrating, especially if you have little or no clue about the possible cause of your MINI's failure to start. The primary cause of starting issues in a MINI can be attributed to several factors. It is critical to know why your MINI could not start, especially at a time when you badly need it to work. We shall highlight the six most common causes of starting issues in your MINI, including the simple and most complex problems. Starting issues associated with dirty fuel filter One of the reasons your MINI may be experiencing starting issues could be due to having a dirty fuel filter. Your fuel filter is responsible for keeping out contaminants, including debris, from entering your tank. Contaminants in the fuel may affect the proper functioning of t [...]
BMW CarThough the BMW brand is well known for being reliable and long-lasting, there are still a few problems owners of these cars experience regularly. One of these is electronic issues. This is a vague descriptor but an apt one, since electrical problems can vary from car to car. It’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of electronic issues so that you can bring your car in to be fixed as quickly as possible. Though many of these may seem like small things, over time, allowing these small problems to pile up can lead to much larger and more costly issues. With that said, here are some of the most common electrical problems BMW owners face and some things to look out for that will tip you off. Dead Battery As you can probably tell, this is one of the more serious electrical problems a car owner can encounter. After all, if the battery is dead, the car cannot start at all and will need to be jump-start [...]
Porsche Engine OverheatWhen compared to other high-performance vehicles, Porsches boast a surprisingly high fuel economy, which can be partially attributed to their very efficient fuel pumps. However, your Porsche’s fuel pump is not immune to failure, and if it springs a leak, your vehicle’s engine may struggle to keep up. Therefore, it is vital that Porsche owners know how to identify and fix fuel pump leaks as soon as they spring up. How the Fuel Pump Works Before one can diagnose and fix a leaking fuel pump, one must first understand what the fuel pump does and how it works. As the name suggests, your Porsche’s fuel pump is responsible for moving fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Because these two components are relatively far apart, the fuel pump must be quite powerful, and any loss in power c [...]
Car Transmission Oil LeakThe transmission is seen as one of the sturdiest parts of a vehicle, but it does require proper care. When your vehicle’s transmission overheats, it can cause damage to the sensitive parts that make up this component. Transmission overheating is, in fact, one of the most common causes of transmission damage. Although periodic transmission servicing should always be handled by professionals, you can take certain steps to prevent the occurrence of overheating. Let's take a look at transmission overheating issues and how to deal with them when they arise. Common Signs Your Transmission is Overheating There are several tell-tale signs when a car’s transmission is overheating. Unfortunately, many car owners do not take cognizance of these signs before it’s too late and severe damage has occurred. The function of the transmission fluid [...]
MINI Clutch IssueThe clutch in a MINI is responsible for keeping your drive smooth and minimizing impact as you move through gears. Applying engine power gradually when you start moving and working to avoid crunching gears as you shift, the clutch in your MINI is tasked with an important role in your vehicle’s overall functionality. Transferring power from your MINI’s engine to the transmission and drive wheels, the clutch helps keep everything moving in the powertrain of your vehicle. So, when your MINI’s clutch goes out, it can cause some serious problems for vehicle owners. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent your clutch from failing or malfunctioning through proper maintenance and care. Preventive Maintenance for Your MINI’s Clutch When [...]
Porsche Dashboard Oil LightYour Porsche is a top-of-the-line sports vehicle that requires routine upkeep and maintenance to operate at a high level. Given quality care, your Porsche can drive smoothly for years to come. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s engine oil is often overlooked, but crucial to the performance of your car. Although easy to ignore, an engine oil leak should be repaired sooner rather than later to avoid major damage to your engine and costly repairs. Engine oil is a critical component in the smooth operation of your Porsche, and ignoring an oil leak can lead to bigger problems down the road. Engine oil lubes up the moving parts within the engine so everything glides and moves together with ease. If oil is leaking out of your car, these parts will start to rub together without any lubricant, causing friction and wearing the engine parts down. O [...]
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