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BMW M3Owning a BMW vehicle is quite a thrill, as they are among the most remarkable automobile manufacturers around. As BMW vehicles are trustworthy and resilient, they’ve earned quite a reputation in the automobile industry. Some BMW models can develop faults with their alternator seals over time, leading to oil leaks. Oil leaks from alternator seals are quite common with BMW owners, but thankfully, you do not have to get alarmed over it, as there is a practical solution to this issue. Since all machines are prone to faults, the alternator seal is also susceptible to issues. It is essential to catch these issues with the seal, and with the whole vehicle in general, as you can ensure your safety while avoiding much larger and expensive damage. This article will help you to understand what an alternator seal is and how to detect leaks from it. The Function of the Alternator Seal An alternator seal is a necessary gas [...]

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When considering the idea of trusting your BMW, PORSCHE, or MINI to a repair shop there are many things to consider. Outlined below are a number of questions you might want to ask yourself before entrusting your BMW, PORSCHE or MINI to just any repair shop:


Does the repair facility specialize in your specific car?

There are many types of specialization in the automotive business. Technically speaking, the quick lube shop specializes in oil services. However, in almost all cases, they will not be able to reset your oil service lights, and will not stock the manufacturer approved oils or OEM filters. Likewise, many shops specialize in foreign cars or European cars. Today, it is extremely difficult and expensive for a shop to maintain technical information and diagnostic tools for all makes and models. When selecting a shop you will have to ask yourself, do you want a facility that claims to be [...]

Stealth Hitches

If you drive a newer model BMW or Porsche and are looking for a means to tow a small trailer or a way to carry bicycles, without modifying your car to accept an unsightly exposed hitch receiver, Nikolas Motorsport can help. We have teamed with the leading manufacturer and distributor of hidden tow hitches, Stealth Hitches. The Stealth Hitches product line installs behind the bumper and leaves no evidence of a hitch on your vehicle when the ball mount or bike-rack connector is removed. Stealth Hitches tow hitches are tested and approved to the same regulations applicable to all OEM hitches and all vehicle-manufacturer hitches. Stealth Hitches actually provides hitches to many vehicle manufacturers, packaged in brand specific boxes. Their uniquely designed hitch locking mechanisms are the safest on the market.

BMW Invisihitch No evidence of a hitch
Pre-Purchase Inspections


If you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned BMW, Porsche, or MINI, we strongly recommend a pre-purchase inspection. Nothing takes the shine off your new purchase than finding out the “good deal” you got needs $2000 of work to be roadworthy. At Nikolas Motorsport our base pre-purchase inspection includes a multi-point physical check, a complete diagnostic readout, a road test, and estimates for any items we see that need attention. We will provide an overall opinion of the car, and  help you to understand what you might be getting into if you make the purchase. To facilitate schedules of buyers and sellers, we will make all necessary accommodations to get the inspection done quickly. If at all possible, we encourage you, the buyer to be present during the inspection. Once the technician has looked over the car and completed his inspection, we will be happy to show you anything that requires [...]

A Word (or two) About Alignments

Most of today’s new cars are designed to require 4-wheel alignments. Simply stated, there are adjustments which need to be verified and/or corrected to both the front and rear suspensions. BMW, PORSCHE and MINI automobiles are no exception. Actually the BMW and MINI vehicles also require the car to be weighted (front seats, rear seats, and trunk) to attain proper alignments. If you are discussing an alignment on a BMW or MINI with any repair shop, always ask if they have the proper weights available to load in the car before doing the alignment. If not, this is not the place to have your alignment work done. Nikolas Motorsport has a state of the art alignment system capable of completing alignments on most any vehicle. And, of course we have the required weights to load the car prior to completing the alignment. Even more importantly, we have technicians who [...]

Fluids and your BMW


The discussion of fluids for your BMW generates many varying opinions. At Nikolas Motorsport we have used our years of experience and research to arrive at the following standards.


Engine Oils – Most newer BMW engines specify a 5w30 full synthetic that meets BMW long life specs. With the long life specs BMW has extended the recommended oil service intervals to as long as 15,000 miles. Nikolas Motorsport fully believes in this oil specification. However, we strongly encourage our customers to perform oil services at an interval of 5000 miles. This recommendation has been developed after years of seeing higher mileage customer cars suffer from oil related problems. These problems can include annoying (and expensive) high levels of oil consumption, failures of engine components due to sludge buildup, and poor running conditions. Also, cars that do not get inspected as part of a normal oil service often incur higher [...]

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